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Mark Sevart is a seasoned litigator and trial attorney. Civil Litigation is on the rise in America. Whether you are an individual, small business owner or a large company, odds are you will find yourself in Court at some point in your life.

If you have been threaten with a lawsuit, served with Court Papers, or in need of assistance in obtaining what is legally yours, then call Mark Sevart today.

He can provide you professional legal representation. Mr. Sevart has extensive courtroom experience, representing clients in many of the Judicial District Courts for the State of Kansas.

Mr. Sevart has provided defense representation in numerous Municipal Courts throughout the Counties of Kansas.

Further, Mr. Sevart has represented several clients before The Federal District Court for the District of Kansas and is licensced to appear before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado.

His case load ranges from the defense of persons accused of crimes to the representation of those who have suffered injury as the result of another’s negligence.

Areas of Law:

[] Criminal Defense

    [] Serious Felony Charges

    [] DUI Defense

    [] Drug Related Offences

[] Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

    [] Automobile Collision

    [] Fire & Explosion

    [] Other Catastrophic Loss

[] Family Law Issues

   [] Wills & Probate

   [] Prenuptial Agreements

   [] Child Support

   [] Child Custody