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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death:

SevartLawMalPractice (2)Suffering the loss of a loved one or losing your own earning capacity is a tragic event, particular when the death or serious injury is the product of another’s negligence.

Perhaps the injury is the result of a careless driver, or the outcome of a wrong medical diagnosis. These matters require a knowledgeable attorney who has the trial skills needed to persuade a jury to properly distribute the legal fault and to obtain the proper compensation allowed by law.

Mark Sevart has the trial expertise and the legal knowledge it takes to properly represent you in a Court of Law in these serious legal matters.

Car Accidents:

SevartLawCarWreckAutomobile collision happen all too often. Sometimes they are the result of a distracted driver and sometimes the aftermath of a drunken driver. Mark Sevart’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and his past experience as a prosecutor provide him with a full understanding of the mechanics and law involved in a traffic collision case.

Burns and Explosions:

Burns are one of the most devastating injuries. Too often, explosions occur when leaking gas is ignited by static electricity or by the innocent flip of a light switch. An understanding of residential real estate law and landlord-tenet law is only a fraction of the legal knowledge required. A technical understanding of building codes, industry practices and the standards for handling hazardous materials is also required in order to properly represent a victim of these devastating catastrophes. Mark Sevart’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and his past experience as an arson prosecutor provide him with a full understanding of the science, standards, practices, and law involved in an explosion case.